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Jon Hinthorne's solo piano music is full of passion, eloquence, and peace. His passion for piano music drives his composing and is what people most often praise about his music.

Jon currently resides in the Bay Area, CA, where he continues to write solo piano music. His three original albums have sold over 2,500 copies around the world in the U.S., South Korea, Japan, Spain, England, and Australia.

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Take Piano Lessons from Jon

Jon lives in the Bay Area and gives 1:1, private piano lessons in the area.

He is willing to provide lessons in his own studio or provide lessons in his pupils' homes, whichever they prefer. 

If you are interested in taking lessons from Jon, please email him at for a quote. Include in your email: 1) Age of student  2) Location of student  3) Whether you prefer to take lessons at Jon's studio or in your own home  4) Contact information 

Jon will return your inquiry within 24 hours of receiving it.